Bad Back

So yeah, it has begun.

26 years old and my back is giving me a reminder that I’m old now. For about a month I had problems whenever I sit. I can feel this tightness and stiffness in the lower back, more on the left side. It’s probably job-related (who am I kidding, it is job-related) and no matter how ergonomic I try to be, this will happen to me no matter what. I just didn’t expect it’d be this soon.

At first, I thought, “Yeah back pain it’s normal.” Until I visited Dad and I had to sit for some time. Literally, I couldn’t even sit for 10 minutes straight without having to stand and stretch because it just hurt so much. That was last week. Today, I can feel the pain as I walk! Every step I can feel this small muscle at my back just vibrating and it’s so uncomfortable. So I thought, fuck it, I’m gonna see a doctor.

So I did. Had a thoracolumbar X-ray and no surprise there, there is something on the film: bone spurs growing on my L3.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-12 at 13.31.38

So now we know why it hurts like a mofo. The report says a mild degeneration is going on. Oh well, don’t really expect it to get any better. Maybe I should get one of those back support strap thingy that hugs your waist. Meh.

The doctor prescribed some muscle relaxant that made me super drowsy as well as an analgesic cream which worked like heaven. Well, for 2 hours at least. After that, the pain does come back. Hmm…I guess time will tell if I do get better.

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