Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pad


I bought this during one of those sales in the past few weeks. Not so sure if it was the Single’s Day, or Black Friday or whatever. All I know what that I’ve been having a bout of pimples and sebaceous filaments. And they don’t look good underneath my daily makeup. So when I saw there was a bunch of sales on Hermo, I immediately grabbed something that promised to fix my recent issue.

First off, can we just take a second to appreciate how adorable the lid is? Just look at it. Mr. Rx in perhaps a red vintage swimsuit patting himself with the product and looking and feeling absolutely divine. I want that.

This is what the product look like:

Formulated with 1% BHA, these daily pre-soaked exfoliating pads penetrate deeply into clogged pores to dissolve oil, preventing further breakouts.

Inside contains 70 pads and they’re about the size of your regular round cotton pads you can buy in the pharmacy. There is a plastic seal that I kept it on just an extra step to keep the pads moist. It also has this chemical smell which I assume comes from the BHA. I don’t particularly mind the smell, it gives this placebo effect on me that it will work.

Now, the instruction manual that came with it says to use the ribbed side of the pad to press on the target area and then use the smooth side to wipe away whatever junk that came out. What I did was rubbing the ribbed part on the affected area for like a good one minute, then I pat it down on my skin and try to cover the concentrated area and leave it there until it dries up or when it unable to adhere to my skin.

I’ve tried this for about 2 weeks now. I can’t say for sure that it made an amazing improvement on my skin. Did it do wonders for my acne? Not a 100% I was quite disappointed honestly but I thought it needed some more time. Today before I wrote this post, I gave it another shot. I had a small pimple that sprouted overnight and I gave it a really good rub, and what do you know, it came out!


So it used to be the usual white bump in the middle and now it’s gone. I could see it stuck on the pad. Now, even after this, I still can’t determine for sure the efficacy of this product. I just need more pimples to experiment it further. Until then, I will just enjoy staring at that adorable lid.

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