Limited Edition Blush Bazaar Palette

I got this because Tarte had this major Christmas sale. I usually don’t purchase high-end cosmetics (yes, I just described Tarte as “high-end”, this shows what a poor ass bitch I am), my salary just wouldn’t allow me and I never like spending a tremendous amount of money on makeup products anyway. So I bought the Shape Tape (I heard raving reviews about this concealer and was super excited to try this one out), the Rainforest of the Sea Radiance Drop and the Limited Edition Blush Bazaar Palette. All for USD 86.50, not bad I think, for Tarte anyway.

Now I absolutely adore the Igari Makeup trend. That bright flushed look with a subtle eye makeup and soft ombre lips is what I am living for! So when I saw that they have a blush palette with a myriad of coral colours, I just cannot!


First of all, can we just take a moment and just enjoy this packaging? It’s just too gorgeous. But along with the rest of the holiday edition products, Tarte has been killing it with beautiful packaging.

There are 7 blush shades and 2 highlighters. Within the blush shades, you get 2 nude peachy shades, 3 pinkish in cool and warm tones and 3 berry shades. All of them are matte colours except for Extraordinary which is more like a satin finish.


(L to R) Whimsical, Angelic, Fortunate, Skillful, Exhilarating


Whimsical: A shimmery gold. I really like this one. I sometimes use this as an eyeshadow to highlight my inner corners.

Angelic: A cool tone peachy soft pink shade. I love this one a lot!

Fortunate: A warm tone bright peach shade. This can give a very nice sun-kissed flush look. I adore this one as well.

Skillful: A cool tone darker shade pinkish berry. The colour looks lighter upon swatch.

Exhilarating: A warm barbie-pink shade. Colour looks exactly like in the pan as on the skin.

(L to R) Dainty, Endless, Authentic, Worthy, Extraordinary


Dainty: This looks quite similar to Endless. Only Dainty is leaning on the warmer tone with pink hues. I like this shade very much too.

Endless: A cool tone coral berry shade.

Authentic: A cool tone dark berry shade. I don’t use this one frequently. I find it doesn’t look flattering on my light skin. Perhaps better suited for darker skin tones.

Worthy: I simply do not get this shade. Tarte describes this as a “soft pink highlight” and n the pan you can actually see a very light hue of pink, just the barest bit. But when swatched, I can’t for the life of me see any pink, it’s just an icy shimmery shade. Maybe it’s just me, I really don’t know.

Extraordinary: This is literally an extraordinary color but I don’t reach for it sadly. I hardly use a satin blush colour because I find they tend to highlight my pores. But I use this as an eyeshadow. It’s like a dark peachy pink with gold shimmers.

All the colours are very pigmented. So I really have to go light-handed and gradually build it up as desired. And did I mention that they last super long? Yes, a whole working day for me, which is about 8 hours. Although there is one thing I do not like about this blush palette. I did expect it to smell like all Tarte eyeshadow palettes, that wonderful vanilla scent. This, unfortunately, does not smell the same. In fact it smells like empty food containers that have been left alone for too long.

Other than that, yeah, I don’t think I need to get another blush colour for a whole year now (lol we’ll see about that). For the number of shades and the quality they deliver, I am very happy with this purchase (and that amazing packaging helped too!)


Ps, I apologize in advance in you feel that I described the shades poorly. I did my best and admittedly, I have no professionally MUA nor do I do reviews on a daily basis. I am just a normal person who likes talking about cosmetics.

2 thoughts on “Limited Edition Blush Bazaar Palette”

    1. I used to have lots of trouble applying blushes. What I’ve learned is that the shape of your face really determines where you apply your blush.

      Also yeah, I totally do not need anymore blush for a long long while *crosses fingers*


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