Tanuki Raw

Cuddles and I read on a website about this restaurant featuring fusion food of Japanese and Western ingredients. I absolutely love Japanese cuisine and I saw them introduced foie gras in their dishes so it really piqued my interest. It didn’t hurt also when the photographs of the dishes were so colorful.

On their website, they describe the inspiration behind the name and the dishes. Although Tanuki is a name of a Japanese raccoon dog, it is also known as a supernatural animal. in Japanese folklore, with abilities to shapeshift for the fun of it. The restaurant derives these factors and pours them into their dishes, wanting to make customers amused, inquisitive and most of all happy.

We went to the Orchard branch right after I was done at work. It was mostly empty (in fact, we were the only one there) but that was probably because it wasn’t near dinner time. There were many yummy dishes on their menu I’m sure but I came here purely for their Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku.

I love foie gras. Yes, there’s been some controversy regarding animal abuse but JoJo (who is vegan) who did a culinary course said the feeding tube is in the duck (or goose) for not more than a couple of mins. Once the corn goes in they immediately pull it out. I know a lot about feeding tube and it’s very discomforting when you insert it into a person. But ugh, why must it taste so heavenly?

Anyway, Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku is basically Pan-seared foie gras, US black Angus short rib, onsen egg, truffle soy, black garlic brown butter over Tanuki Raw’s signature rice.


You have it admit it, this looks pretty awesome. I couldn’t be bothered to take any more pictures after I dug into it. It tastes just so freaking amazing!  The beef was so tender and juicy, the egg yolk was perfectly runny, the pickle gave a crunchy texture and the foie gras just compliments all elements of this rice bowl. And the rice, oh the rice, I don’t know what reddish and brownish flakes they put into it but it just gave the rice an independent character. It didn’t need any of beef or foie gras for you to savor it. But when you combine all these ingredients, the rice bowl is just elevated to a whole new level. I was really sad when I started seeing the bottom of the bowl. It’s like knowing a good story has come to an end. If I had to use just a word to describe this dish, rich would be the most appropriate adjective.

We also ordered Truffle Sweet Potato Fries sprinkled with Tanuki Raw’s spice mix served with truffle aioli dip. It came piping hot from the kitchen and was just as amazing. The aioli dip was so good we mixed some into our rice bowl as well. I don’t even care if it’s an atrocious thing to do or not. If it tastes awesome, it belongs in my mouth.


It’s not an important factor to me but it may be to Instagrammers out there. This place is very very instagrammable. I did not bother to grab pictures of the restaurant itself but here’s a pic I scavenged on the web.

tanuki raw 11

That brick wall coupled with fake foliage would, I think, make a cute background for those insta-s. It also looks really great with daylight. Either way, Tanuki Raw is definitely somewhere I would return to. The price is quite up there but it’s worth every cent.

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