I fashioned myself as Eyeliner Girl after I spent 4 days leaving the house without my eyeliner on. This is very rare. It is not that I do not have self-confidence in my bare physical appearance but rather it’s a charm that I hold on to that gives me the assurance that somehow, all will be well, very much like a nun with her cross, a soldier with his gun and Kim Kardashian with her artificial posterior. So the 4 days ordeal, while it didn’t scar me, I did feel rather…naked, as if I was incomplete, like an amputee dealing with his phantom leg.

And so I came to a conclusion that Eyeliner Girl suits me quite well. It is not too flamboyant nor is it too dull.

I try to write mainly reviews of eateries, cosmetic and skincare products, adventures that I might partake as well as unique experiences. Don’t worry, I do not plan to publicise myself with personal drama or daddy issues or about my abusive relationship (I am not in an abusive relationship for starters). There will not be my own thoughts about politics, Hollywood gossips or social norms.

I like reading, makeup, watching period/historical dramas, certain animes and documentaries about nature and the cosmo. I have quite an appetite too. Nothing pleases me more than the experience of a grand buffet.